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Who-is.zyz is a domain name search tool for developers and webmasters to help you find perfect domain names.

Finding the perfect domain name to start your online venture can be a difficult process. Your domain name is probably the most important factor in web development. You might have an amazing idea for an online venture but you need a good domain name to help you get discovered, otherwise the work you put into your venture could be wasted. Our website will help you find perfect domain names that are available to register.

Our website will help you find perfect domain names that are available to register and give you access to whois records for domains that are already taken. Using the whois records, you can contact the registered owners and possibly obtain that specific domain through a private sale. Our search tool will also display the most popular available domains that you can use for your online venture. Use the search to find the perfect domain by simply entering your desired name and hitting the “Search” button.


What are the most popular domain extensions?

It is common knowledge that the .com extension is the strongest and most valuable TLD available, however, it may be too difficult to find a .com available for your project. Most .com´s are already taken when you are looking for a small or generic name. If you have a name in mind and you simply can not use any other, there are plenty of alternatives. Below is a list of domain extensions in order from the strongest to the weakest, if you can not get the .com, try for the following in order:

  • .Net
  • .Org
  • .Info
  • .Biz
  • .IO
  • .Co
  • .TV
  • .Me
  • .Ws

If your project uses a brand name, it is important to make sure you have the .com, .net, .org and .info domain names. You need to protect your brand name, so if you are creating a brand, there is no point in owning the other extensions without the .com. If your project is offering a service and using a generic name, for example, “Dog Training”, then it is not essential to own the .com. Generic names can rank with almost any domain extension, as long as your website has rich unique content and offers a service people love.


Important factors when choosing a domain name.

Your domain name is the front end of your online venture. It is the first thing people will see and use to access your content online. You should follow this simple guide to help you find the perfect domain name:

1, The shorter the domain name the better. Shorter domain names are not only easier to remember they also look more professional and have a higher value in search engines.

2, Avoid using numbers if possible. Unless your brand uses a number, you should try to avoid using a number in a domain name. For example, 4 means four and does not mean for, 3 means three and not free and 2 means two not to or too.

3, Try to avoid hyphens. A hyphen is not something people will remember in a domain name. You would not say to someone “I tried out this amazing site last night and the address is www dot something hyphen something else dot com”. If you are using a generic name that has two words or more, a hyphen can be perfectly fine if you are only concentrating on organic search engine traffic but it still doesn´t look good and will be harder for people to remember.


We hope this little bit of information helps you find the perfect domain name for your online business. These tips are from personal experience only, using experiments and passed success and failures.


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